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My new “19” PBM 1920DF SUPER” monitor!

Translated version of
And it is not a good translation at that. Seems there is something lost when translation is done by a machine and meanings are not involved, just the words. So anyhow, after 4 years my Dell M782 monitor finally started to give me some real eye strain. It looked blurry just looking at it, and to try and help fix the problem I increased the refresh rate, that was a bad mistake, it looked even worse. So, I did some more adjustments by lowering the refresh rate and the text actually started to become readable! BUT, yes there always seems to be one of those, it just happened to become clearer with reading the text, but the screen was actually flickering! So, I had to make some more adjustment to the point where I can barely read it and the flickering was at a minimal.
That I dealt with for 2 days before I broke down and purchased a monitor on the Korean economy. The 19″ CRT monitor was $200 which I really did not mind getting since my other monitor was a 17″ and dieing fast. Well, I hooked the monitor up and noticed it had a power cord for a 220v outlet, which kind of upset me, but I quickly grabbed the booklet which is unreadable unless you speak Korean. But I can guess at the numbers of what they meant, good thing numbers are not in different characters. So, I noticed the 100~220 and figured out it is compatible with US current. I used my power cord from my other monitor and good thing most electronics are made in a Asian country cause it fit with no problem. 🙂
I powered it up and noticed it did not have a software CD for it, so I started to look on the Internet for one. Well I guess it does not need one, I never did find any. But I did find out that the monitor was released to the public in Dec 2004! Well that just made my day/err night. I was happy to know I had the latest 19″ monitor available in this area. It is kind of cool to show people a monitor they never seen before you know. Well, here I am typing away at this blog for another exciting adventure into reality.
Soon to follow… New PC parts were ordered… I’ll probably blog it also… hehe.


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