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“What OS is right for me?”

‘Which OS is right for me?’My thoughts to that question

Many times throughout my years of learning about PC’s, I find that at least once every few months someone asks me ‘What Operating System is the best?’ or ‘What Operating System is better/more secure/less secure/faster/cooler/easier to install or hack with’. To each I’ve given the same answer and thoughts that I shall share here, as I merely feel it is time to do so. Do not expect a list of Operating Systems, nor expect biased opinions in this post. I want to offer insight to one of the most valuable pieces of wisdom one can have.

The answer to the question of ‘What Operating System is the best?’ is quite simple:

Each and every Operating System is capable of performing and responding just as well as the next.

That’s correct.
Now, set aside differences, stereotypes, and your past knowledge for a moment please, and allow me to share my thoughts with you.
Here is a quote I want you to never forget, something that I have never forgotten once my mentor taught me:
The OS is only as good as the Admin, and the OS can never make up for a bad admin.
A veteran of a Windows Operating System can lock up any Windows distribution in a heartbeat, more secure than an SElinux kernel on OpenBSD running tripwire, by using their knowledge and experience of Windows. A newbie of OpenBSD, however, can make it as insecure as an unfirewalled, unupdated, Windows 95 distribution.
Think about this for a second, if you will for me. An Operating System can have all sorts of default safeguards and built in security functions, plus unlimited tools at the admins disposal to secure it with. But, if the admin is not familiar with that Operating System, whichever one he is using, then it is all useless to him.



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