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Brushless Motor System

Brushless Motor System: “A Simply Super System

The Super Sport Brushless Motor System is the first in a series of brushless motor systems from Novak Electronics. The system includes the SS5800, a mild-modified, sensor-based, brushless motor–and a compact multi-profile speed control (Super Sport ESC #3205). Designed by Novak specifically for R/C car applications, the brushless motor and speed control easily fits in popular 1/10 scale R/C cars. We think you’ll agree that this system is super for several reasons. Topping the list of reasons for using this system is that it will provide approximately 20% longer run times and higher performance than similar brushed motor systems–with virtually no maintenance thanks to no brushes, brush springs, or commutator to true or wear out. Also, the completely enclosed motor is protected from dirt and other elements harmful to it. The Super Sport speed control is filled with Novak’s trademark features, including a few industry firsts: a Transmitter Check Mode, and Locked Rotor Detection Circuitry, which prevents motor, battery, and ESC damage. The speed control also features multiple factory-set throttle programs.”


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