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USA Linux Users Group :: New goofy thread – Ask Judge Anything

USA Linux Users Group :: New goofy thread – Ask Judge Anything: “richard wrote:
Will Bill Gates ever use a Linux on his home computer

Bill Gates will never use Linux on a home computer. Bill Gates has never progressed beyond programming Basic on his Altrix. Secretely, Bill Gates and Steve Balmer face off head-to-head in BzFlag, where Balmer consistently pwns Gates. Balmer is the underhanded little monkey that uses Linux a great deal…UNIX derivatives too! Last year for Christmas, Balmer asked Gates for a VAX station so he could enjoy the thrill of VMS. That VAX station is used as a space heater in the office of Mr. Balmer to this day.

Insider news has it that one of the new years resolutions of Bill Gates is to be able to work a PC sufficiently enough that he can demonstrate the functionality of the newest Microsoft product at the 2005 Microsoft keynote address, instead of paying a small fortune for a third-rate Computer Science flunkie to do it for him. Mr. Gates feels that the world would take him a bit more serious if people actually saw HIM use his products.”


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