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R/C, PC Security, and anything else that interests me at the time… | 05/12/2005 | Worldwide `spam gang’ is shut down | 05/12/2005 | Worldwide `spam gang’ is shut down: “Worldwide `spam gang’ is shut down


By John Boudreau

Mercury News

A Massachusetts judge Wednesday ordered what authorities are calling one of the world’s largest “spam gangs” to shut down.

The move followed a lawsuit filed Wednesday by the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, which alleges the operation broke the federal anti-spam law, “CAN-SPAM,” enacted in 2003.

The nine-month investigation, which was assisted by Microsoft, uncovered a worldwide operation that sends out hundreds of millions of illegal spam pitches a month, as well as advertising for fraudulent products, said Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly.

It was another example of Microsoft teaming up with law enforcement to crack down on illegal e-mail activities, which Microsoft sees as a threat to consumer confidence in its products. Spam accounts for at least 50 percent of e-mail, by some estimates.

The targeted organization is “one of the largest spam gangs in this country, if not the world,” Reilly said.”


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