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Using Drivel with WordPress, on a Linux Box

Blogging on WordPress using the Drivel Journal Editor on a Linux box, can be frustrating for the new Drivel user, not actually to use, but the setup. I had to use a search engine to find the answer, only because the Drivel web site had a lack of information to do so. Here is how you can do this though the Drivel’s login screen. It does not does not show WordPress as an option, so here is what you you.

Select the Journal Type as Movable Type, and type your WordPress blog in server address and end it with xmlrpc.php. For example, I used and entered the password. Clicked the [Log In] and I was set.

Now I am posting this to hopefully help others that might need to know the simple xmlrpc.php for the WordPress blog using the Drivel Journal Editor.

I should start posting more often now that I have this simple program to use.


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