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Windows Vista to Ship in 33 Different Versions

Windows Vista to Ship in 33 Different Versions
Redmond, WA – Microsoft announced today that its new operating system Vista will ship in 33 editions to enable consumers to get exactly which version they need. Barry Goffe, a director of Microsoft’s Windows client unit announced this innovative move from Microsoft earlier today.

“We’re trying to make sure we have the right set of offerings for different customers,” said Goffe. The impressive list of Vista Editions follows:

* Vista Professional Edition
* Vista Semi-Professional Edition
* Vista Slightly Professional Edition
* Vista Complete Amateur Edition
* Vista Server Edition
* Vista Server Premium Edition
* Vista Server Not Bad But Not As Good As Premium Edition
* Vista Server My Other Edition Is Premium Edition Edition
* Vista 5 User License Edition
* Vista Site License Edition
* Vista Country License Edition
* Vista Planetary License Edition
* Vista Galaxy License Edition
* Vista Universe License Edition
* Vista Universe License Without Windows Media Player Edition*
* Vista Home Edition
* Vista Home Premium Edition
* Vista Home Premium Edition With Some Server Features
* Vista Home I Can’t Believe It’s Not Server Edition
* Vista Away From Home But Have My Laptop With Me Edition
* Vista Gamers Edition
* Vista Mostly Play Games but Also Like to Surf the Net Edition
* Vista Boot Straight Into World of Warcraft and Never Be Seen Again Edition
* Vista Just Read Email And Clean Up Viruses Edition
* Vista Downloaded Via Bittorrent Just Wait For The Subpoena Edition Vista Erases Your iPod Edition (with Free Creative Player Voucher Included)
* Vista Beginners Edition
* Vista Intermediate Edition
* Vista Advanced Edition
* Vista Write My Own Drivers Edition
* Vista One Finger On The Reset Button Edition
* Vista Uninstall And Reinstall XP Edition
* Vista ME Just Joking! Practical Jokers Edition

“There should be something there for everyone,” said Goffe. When asked when the editions would be shipping, Goffe replied, “I can’t really say, we haven’t finished coding any of this yet.”

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