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Real Airport Security

The airport security solution government crooks don’t want you to know about
This video busts down their wall of lies

The most censored news story in America.
Even the “alternative” media won’t touch it

Please share this one far and wide

First we created what has turned into the ultimate TSA abuses reference video…”The TSA is Out of Control”

Then, we traced the problem to its source, a government-criminal enterprise operated by Michael Chertoff.

Now, we present the solution.

Please share this video far and wide.
Send the link to bloggers and writers and other influential people.

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We can beat these devils, but we better get real info out before they drown the country in BS.
Brasscheck TV has done its part. Now, we ask you to do yours.


Bottom line:
Bomb-sniffing dogs work infinitely better than any high tech/high cost/high scam device…

That’s why the FBI uses them to protect its own headquarters and why the US military uses them in Iraq and Afghanistan under the most hazardous and hostile conditions imaginable.

We are being irradiated, lied to and put in real danger so Michael Chertoff and his friends in Homeland Security can rip us off. Meanwhile, Obama tells us it’s for our safety.

Meanwhile, the news media – including the alternative news media – has completely overlooked the facts reported in this video.

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