Momentary lapse of life

R/C, PC Security, and anything else that interests me at the time…

A post about nothing

I just noticed that I have not updated this since last month. I am surprised I am even posting this early. I seem to be distracted by shiny things, and life in general, so I have no excuse to why I do not post more often, except I do not feel this blog has any readers except maybe three in a months time.

I am generally being a slave to my employer, and my day can start as early as 4am, and as late as midnight. So my work schedule is pretty flexible, and my sleep pattern needs to adapt to the different shifts that I work.

I will not promise anything about when I will post next except I will, eventually. I will attempt one or more posts a month or year. Do not hold your breath, we have enough Smurfs…

Oh, one more thing, I have posted seven years about nothing! Such an accomplishment, to post randomized crap.


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