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First follower

I know this post may be a bit odd since it is about my first follower since I started this blog in Jan 2005.  However, this follower just recently started following my blog.  Believe it or not, I have posting for nine years, without a follower.  Probably because this blog was mostly me rambling about nothing, and I really did not care if anyone ever read it.  I will like to thank the individual for being brave enough to be the first follower though.

This may eventually inspire me to post more random stuff about me or what I find interesting at the time, I will not promise anything though.  I could even post about topics which are based on the comments individuals leave, if the topic also interests me.

Without further ado, I would like to thank Don Charisma for being the first to follow.  As for what post I made that interested this individual to start following me, I will need to wait for a response before finding out.

Keep Calm
Blog On

Yes, I just quoted and hacked theChive quote.  KCCO everyone.


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