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Gutfeld: Government’s Kneejerk Reaction to e-Cigs? Ban ’em!

I came across a video which I found truthful about vaping.

I agree with this video and most statements that are for vaping. I would like to see this video and others go viral as well, so that people can get educated about the benefits of vaping. The public as well as the politicians need to get informed of personal vaporizers, and try to get off smoking cigarettes and vape as a safer alternative.

There are other alternatives, and I have watched other individuals as well as myself try different approaches to stop smoking.  The patch gave me and others some intense dreams at night, the gum tastes terrible enough that you want a cigarette instead.  I have not tried hypnosis, but have seen others try it with little success.  It may work for a while before an event in their lives would get them back to smoking again.

I have been smoke free for about two years, and have been vaping since I kicked the smoking habit.  Is it a bad habit?  That is a subjective question that has no right answer.  I can say it is a healthier or reduced harm alternative that any smoker should consider.

The harm of a personal vaporizer is based on the manufacturing of the components, and the ingredients which make up the e-liquid.  The components are made all over, based on the device used.  The e-liquid is also made in many locations, but the contents are basically four ingredients.

  1. propylene glycol (PG)
  2. vegetable glycerin (VG)
  3. liquid nicotine
  4. natural and artificial flavorings and sweeteners

These ingredients are generally food grade and have been deemed safe by the FDA for consumption.  One could have some allergic effects from any of the flavorings or ingredients just like if they were added to the foods or drinks consumed.  A simple solution of process of elimination using a lower ratio of PG with a higher VG could remove or reduce that effect if one is allergic or sensitive to PG for example.

If one was really concerned about the ingredients used in e-juice, then maybe everyone should be more concerned about all ingredients consumed in all products ingested, applied, or used.  Next thing you know there will be a health concern about everything that is processed, like foods, beverages, and all items that are not natural.

Then again, food and drink additives or ingredients are a different topic.